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OK - risking a total TMI thread here

Yeah, I noticed a big change in that department too and thought it was odd since I had added so many fruits veggies and fiber. Right now things are a little erratic - sometimes I got easy "stuff" going on twice in one day and then nothing for a couple of days and then there's quite the whopper but it takes some doing to get things accomplished. (I have to strongly resist the urge to go hit the scale 'cause I'm usually just sure I'd see at least a 5 lb drop )

I know, for me, my eating habits and food choices were so grim in the past that I think my body is just having a few fits and starts getting itself adjusted. I'm not heading for the laxative aisle though - I just make sure I have time (and some reading material ) on the expected "whopper" days. I have every confidence that things will get back to a "regular" schedule and require less effort as my body adjusts to the new foods it's getting.

Unless you have to really strain, or if it's painful, I think you would be ok to just wait it out too. Otherwise, you could try a stool softener (not laxative unless you have a bathroom REALLY handy). You might also try some of that yogurt that has the special cultures to help you regulate your digestive system.

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