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Welcome Yo-Yo!! I sort of accidentally stumbled into whole food recently. I started do The Flat belly Diet. I found their website not to be active enough for I mosied over to 3FC. I started reading threads and trying different foods. I too am taking my DH along for the ride. he is one of THOSE people....Ya know the freaks of nature who eat whatever they want, when ever they want, as much as they want and NOT put on weight. In fact he even had his doctor tell him to gain 10-15 pounds...and it took him 3 years to do it!!! Like I said...Freak of Nature!!

I bought the Super Foods RX by Dr. Pratt (I think the first name is Steven) I started trying one or two new foods each time I went to the grocery store. I have been doing this for 2 1/2 months and have lost 31 pounds so far. But let me tell...I have NEVER felt this good on a diet before!! I am not much of a recipe person. I stand in the kitchen and start throwing stuff together until it looks like a meal. So I am not much help there.

As far as DH goes....if he gets sick of whole foods he can go to Wendy's alone and clog his arteries. He is an adult free to make his own choices. Mine goes to Dairy Queen about once a week when he needs a calorie, fat, carb fix. But he goes alone.
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