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Rennie, All I can say is, whoever made that post obviously doesn't read your posts very carefully. You are as busy and off in the world as any of us. Plus, most of the time you are out giving of yourself to others. I'm sorry your feelings were hurt. We come here to receive support. I hope at this thread you feel supported. Great job on your weigh ins and your attitude. Yes, water weight will go away! That's terrific how you went to bat for your son. The rest of the world can be so patrinizing. Do they think we don't know our own children? Really, it's all about what's easiest for them. Your efforts have given your son opportunities. You go mom!

Diane, Try not to be hard on yourself. Maybe new goals are in order. You accomplish so much in your every day life. You work both inside and outside your home plus, you are a rockin' mom who is always there for her children. You're still in the game. That's what's important. This darn weather is getting to a lot of us. Hang in there.

Clyde, I hope all your daughter's tests went well. Do you know if we're suppose to post times for the 3FC 5K or just join or just post that we did it?!?!

Ward, Glad you had a good time. Good luck on your spin off. I've never tried spinning. I have no idea if there is even anywhere close to me that I could try it. Living in the middle of nowhere has it's advantages, but it's disadvantages as well.

Yesterday was pretty dull. Rain, rain, and more rain. That's what today is suppose to be like too. So, yesterday was all about laundry, dishes and cooking. DD throat is feeling much better. Thankfully! She is playing in a 3 on 3 basketball tournament tomorrow. I don't expect them to do much, but they will have good time. Neither my husband or I care for 3 on 3's, but she really wanted to do it with her friends sooooo. DS finally goes to state for the Knights of Columbus math test tomorrow too. He hasn't studied a bit so, I'm thinking it doesn't really mean much to him. My day will be spent running around. DH will be taking off work early, I'll be running DS to him so they can be on their way. A friend will be picking up DD and taking her to the tourney. SIL is going to watch her first game and I will be back in time for the second ahhhhh. Take me away! I thought the running was over until June. Pooo!
You ladies have a great day!
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