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For April 2, 2008!

I got a late start this morning after a VERY bad night of sleep (my hip was REALLY hurting me), so I didn't get my first meal in until 11:30. So, I'll have Lunch, Dinner and 2 snacks today.

- 5.2 oz cube steak fried in canola oil
- 2 c. Romaine Lettuce
- 2 tbs Caesar dressing
(595 cal / 43g fat / 2g net carb / 37g protein)

Afternoon Snack:
- 1.5 oz cheddar cheese
- .5 oz pepperoni
(242 cal / 20g fat / 1g net carb / 14g protein)

- 5 oz dark meat chicken
- 4 oz Broccoli/green beans
- 1 tbs canola oil
- 1 tbs soy sauce
(438 cal / 26g fat / 4g net carb / 40g protein)

Evening Snack:
- 2 tbs Smuckers natural peanut butter
(210 cal / 16g fat / 4g net carb / 8g protein)

( 1485 cal / 105g fat / 11g net carb / 109g protein )

To sum up:
I've decided to add 2tbs natural peanut butter or 1oz nuts back into my daily intake--I'll have been on Induction for 2 weeks as of this coming Friday, I'm solidly in ketosis and I'll see if my peanut butter had any impact tonight when I monitor myself with my ketosticks in the AM. I'm planning on staying on induction-level carb intake for awhile, but I need my nuts I seem really short on my total carb intake--even with some more veggies in my meals and some peanut butter. So, I think I'm going to attempt veggies three times tomorrow! I'll consider it a personal challenge

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