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I agree about the variety and unfortunately, I wouldn't look to that changing any time soon. I was actually considering going back to ediets, but after reading people had an even worse experience with customer service than I did, I'm going to hold off.

I asked someone in Customer Service about why the ediets stuff wasn't available on their plan. After a bit of digging, I think it boils down to ediets doesn't want them offering the same meals. It makes sense for ediets, but it sucks for us. I love their customer service, but I don't know how long I can last eating the same few meals every week. I just don't like enough of their meals to mix it up much more than I already am.

I will say this: it's nice to be paying roughly what other people are paying for frozen meals. Fresh food is always better than frozen. I don't totally understand why someone would pay the same amount for frozen food. Can someone offer me insight into that?
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