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Kellijpa, you made a comment about eating too many veggies to fill up. I myself have been a vegetarian for 15 years, so eating tons of fruits and veggies isn't anything new to me, my body is used to it. But a friend of mine from work started WW about 2 months ago and she has been having major issues with her bowels ie: feeling bloated, lots of gas, etc. I know this is kind of gross to some, but we're both nurses so not much goes unsaid between us And of course, being that she IS a nurse, she's thinking the worst of these ailments instead of just realizing that her bodies adjusting to all the roughage she's eating now. She's going to do to her doctor just in case, always a good idea. Finally, my point is this: if your not used to eating certain foods, your body may do some weird things to get used to it. Mine would do the same thing if I tried to introduce meat (which will never happen). Now that I've taken this post in a totally new direction, I'll be quiet.
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