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I eat leaner cuts of meat now, and the highest lean percentage ground beef I can find in whatever store I'm in.

SoulBliss, If you're eating a mix of canned, fresh and/or frozen maybe the sodium in canned vegs is getting to you, or possibly if you're putting sauces and such on your vegs.

One thing to consider is that we are trying to get away from an unhealthy lifestyle, which includes eating until we're so full we're uncomfortable. We're trying to get in tune with our bodies and eat enough to feel satisfied, that includes veggies. If we're eating bulk quantities of veggies to feel extra full that's not such a good thing, is it? Part of Core (I know we're Flexers here ) is to monitor how hungry you are and identify when you're getting in a danger zone, too hungry and you might binge, too full and you're probably eating too much at one time.

Best of luck to all
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