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Katie--Have you considered seeing a sports medicine specialist? This is clearly very important to your lifestyle; maybe an expert opinion on what's wrong and what you need to do to fix it would be helpful. I have a personal trainer and as much as I love him, I definitely think a sports medicine specialist is the expert to go to for something like this (and my trainer would agree). If there aren't any specialists in your town, maybe there is a larger town within a reasonable distance that it would be worth making a trip to. Or maybe your doctor could recommend a specialist that you could at least consult with over the phone (I don't know if anyone does this, but the doctors I've seen about my knee problem don't seem to need to spend a lot of time actually examining my knee).

Originally Posted by baffled111 View Post
I do the sprints too and I've found them to be VERY taxing on my body, especially now that I'm doing it more frequently. I'm getting all kinds of aches and pains in the knees and shins.
Baffled: have you tried setting the treadmill at a slight incline (maybe 1% or 2%)? I saw a sports medicine specialist this week for my knee problem (an overuse injury) and he said his first recommendation for runners with knee pain is to run on a treadmill at an incline. Running downhill or on a level surface is apparently very hard on your knees.

Also, I've been rubbing Blue-Emu Oil on my knees and it has made a big difference. My step mom recommended it. I was really skeptical but also really desperate, so I gave it a try and now I'm a believer. I forgot to use it for a week while I was on vacation and my knee pain came back, so I'm convinced that it is really making difference for me. Walgreens sometimes has it on sale for $10 a jar. I'm still skeptical of the blue-emu oil, but it has glucosamine in it, which I think is what is making the difference. My knee still isn't 100% because I can't run outdoors, but I can do 20 min of intervals at a pretty good pace (8 to 10 mph) on the treadmill with no problem. Back when I first injured my knee, I couldn't even run on the treadmill.
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