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When i was growing up my mother was always on one diet or another. We ONLY had diet soda in the house. The only Non Diet soda I even remotely like is root beer. I used to drink lots of diet soda 40-60 ounces a day. Now I don't touch the stuff.

My own personal experience is...Soda triggers my reflux. That was key reason for me to quit drinking diet soda. Then my dietician said there was some research that was showing that artificial sweetener makes you crave high cal foods. Like a previous post said body gets sweet taste without high calories and it sets you up eat more to get those calories. She also said this was not 100% conclusive.

So this time around I am trying to eat more whole foods, eliminate the vast majority of processed foods. I began eating Organic yogurt. Then one day I ran out of yogurt and the local store doesn't carry organic. So I picked up a low cal low fat yogurt...not thinking about artificail sweeteners. For 3 days I was so hungry in the afternoon I wanted to lick the paint off the walls.

LIGHT BULB moment...was it the yogurt??? Well I quit eating the artificailly sweetened stuff and I don't struggle with mid afternoon hunger.

I sweeten my tea with honey and my oatmeal with brown sugar I include the calories in my daily totals. So far, so good.

Do I think this proves artificial sweeteners are bad...Nope.
Do I think this proves artificail sweeteners aren't for me...YES!!!

It is all about what works for you. The changes you make have to be ones you can stick with for life.
Failing to planning to fail.

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