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Try alternating cutting back a bit, but you probably don't have to cut out he SS that you love. SS still has its place in fat loss, I agree with AC that it's much further down the hierarchy than most people place it, but it still has a place. It also still has a place in cardiovascular health, and if it contributes to your enjoyment, then it has enormous benefits there. Is it optimal when trying to build strength? No. But HAPPINESS is optimal, IMO.

Try doing one day of 20-30 minutes of your intervals, then one day of 30-45 minutes of SS, then a day of rest. This, of course, after your knee is better. See how that goes. If you aren't back in pain after a few weeks, you can slowly progress the amount of work. You are doing a lot of work right now. You might just need to give your body a bit of a break.
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