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Originally Posted by JerseyGirl69 View Post
I'm throwing in about 30 minutes of extra cardio 4x next week, and doing it as interval work. Won't add carbs as I gain radically on them, which is why I went to Atkins (I gain just having complex, low GI carbs, unfortunately).
And I didn't mention it but baffled did, I'd go for not just any cardio but HIIT.

Also, I don't know if it made sense but what I was saying is if you started the challenge and weren't doing Atkins then it is possible for your comparison now of your BF% to be different from your BF% then. Since BF% readers are a bit wonky, if you actually started Atkins after your initial BF% reading, then it is possible that you actually lost more fat than you realize. Since the initial weight drop in Atkins isn't fat, it'd have to come out of the lean body mass equation so you might've shown a loss in lean mass or an increase in fat when really it was your body just emptying out glycogen. So it is entirely possible that your BF% is actually more than the numbers recorded.
You can't out-exercise poor eating habits.
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