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I tend to get depressive especially in the winter. I'm learning to have a set of "tricks" to deal with it. Because once you start down the road of depressive thinking you can either go up or down, and going down isn't a good thing. I read in some books though that you first have to address your emotional eating problems before losing weight. Think about what triggers you, low self esteem, relationship issues, whatever and if you have to go to counseling to work on your issues. I think a lot of weight gain is from emotional eating, personally I went through some tough times, and I ate when I was stressed or down, for some reason especially carbs and stuff that isn't good for us makes us feel good for awhile. Like getting a little high from the sadness, for me it was pigging out on fast food. I'd suggest some reading, books on stress management (learning about relaxation, breathing, etc), depression (the health types like Mood Cure that don't just suggest drugs but diet/exercise), and if you are "open" learn some yoga and meditation. When I get in those moods these days - I'm able to kick them off quicker as I'm eating clean and am exercising - you'll find consistent exercise really helps. As you lose weight you'll feel better about yourself as well. If you can't stand the gym and it's a "trigger" don't go. I felt that way 15-20 lbs ago and I sort of still feel that way. I have all sorts of ways to exercise at home - a mini exercise bike, a bouncer, dvds, a set of dumbbells. Unless you are training to compete, etc. working out at home is fine for now. I think also with depression walking OUTSIDE is helpful, getting fresh air rather then being in a gym with skinny chicks is refreshing, you can learn to mix meditative walking/mindfulness with speeding it up for cardio. Nature is awesome for helping with moods. Fresh air, beauty, peace and quiet. Your life starts now, you are young, in college, these are the best years of your life - don't spend them moping around, comparing yourself to others, life is too SHORT to not like yourself.
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