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Default where are you buying your veggies?

I am by no means veggie challenged, I love vegetables and always have, whatever weight I was (mainly I just never took the time to cook/prepare them, and I do also love cheese and bread and ice cream and you get the picture!).
I came on here though because I have recently encountered some friends of mine in far away places who hated vegetables and when I questioned them about it I realised why. It was the type of vegetables they were having.

A lot of people do not realise that there is an extreme difference in taste and quality between the vegetables you buy at Safeway/Albertsons/etc. and what you would buy at Whole Foods or another health food store. And you get a whole other level of quality from a farmer's market - and it's cheaper too! There is nothing like buying directly from the farmer.

If you think you hate "salad" I would ask - are you having it with iceberg lettuce? I would hate that too! But a nice, lightly coloured Romaine lettuce (try the hearts of romaine, 3 in a ziploc baggy those are the best parts) is just divine. I wouldn't touch a shiny red apple from Safeway, those are absolutely disgusting and flavourless. But a reddish-yellowish Fuji apple from Whole Foods, will be tasty and oh-so-juicy (will help with dehydration from weight loss, and a super healthy snack).

Do you know that there are ways to choose a vegetable so it is ripest and tastiest? Only eat a tomato if it is bright red, not orangish in any way! Avocados need to have a bit of softness to them when you squeeze them but no so it'll make an imprint. Celery should be nearly white, and spinach leaves should be thick, curly and nearly 3-5 inches in size!

Please excuse me if I appear patronizing, it's just I have been raised in Northern California, eating healthy, organic foods and going to Farmer's Markets and I was shocked to discover there are lots of people who do not know how to pick a vegetable or cook a vegetable or what kinds of vegetables are tasty. To be frank, I would not consider much of what I see in the vegetable/fruit section at Safeway to be food!

Anyway, I am a supreme veggie lover and advocate (vegetarian since 9 too), so if there is anything I can do to help - hit me with questions!

Oh and, as my subject stated, I would really like to know where you are getting your vegetables from. Are you getting them from Whole Foods and Farmer's Markets and still not liking them?
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