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Originally Posted by mandalinn82 View Post
Honestly, I'd do a couple things:

1) Limit the tape to once a month, at the same point in your menstrual cycle. ONCE A MONTH.
That's very smart. Thank you.

Originally Posted by mandalinn82 View Post
2) Find a scale that is somewhere else, and go weigh in there once a month. I had a friend who had to send her scale "on a vacation" to her parent's house because she couldn't control her use of it. If you know you have a problem with frequent weighing, I'd resist getting a scale for inside your house...especially if you let scale fluctuations make you feel bad, which you indicated you do!
That's also a great idea. Thank you. Yeah, I could get on the scale at the gym, but I risk doing that EVERY time I go and/or crying right there in the gym when the number isn't where I want it to be (seriously, there is a VERY good reason I've kept my house scale-free for the past five years. I get WAY obsessed and emotional about it all).

I really wish I could just keep using the fit of my clothes and HOW I FEEL as a great indication of the good work I'm doing. Wish, wish, wish!

Originally Posted by mandalinn82 View Post
Can you count something else instead, like on-plan days?
Do you mean like record the number of 100% days I do and let that be my "win" rather than looking at my weight or my measurements or anything? In these first four weeks of BistroMD, I've been 100% on all but four days, which is what the BistroMD program prescribes--one day per week with a "free night within reason"--and I've done that (plus some cocktails).

I guess I just wish there were a way I could work on my body without getting so dang obsessed. I mean, maybe there's some GOOD behind the obsession, since it helps me stay on task, but the down side is all of the emotional turmoil and single-focus sometimes (to the point of distraction from all other things).

Thank you for your suggestions. I really do appreciate it, mandalinn.
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