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Unhappy Obsessed with the Measuring Tape

Okay, so I've read about being obsessed with the scales, but I don't own a scale (precisely because I don't want to be obsessed with it, and when I've had scales in the past, I have absolutely become a weighing maniac) and have become "ruled by the tape," it seems, even though I've only taken my measurements a few times since starting BistroMD.

I know I'm premenstrual right now, which makes me think I shouldn't worry too much about a fluctuation in the WRONG direction for my measurements, but it seems I've gotten really upset about this week's measurements vs. the ones I took two weeks ago. (And if I could be totally logical about this, I wouldn't even bother posting. But I need some outside logic and/or commiseration, so I'm hoping y'all can provide that.)

So, last night's measurements made me want to just totally go off-plan. I wanted to say, "Oh, yeah?! I'm gonna be this GOOD with my eating and be rewarded by an increase in my measurements? I'll show you!" (Who will I show? Yeah, I know. I know.)

Even though my clothes are seriously falling off me and I KNOW my weight is just getting all sorts of redistributed as I lose weight, the measurements upset me so I'm thinking about buying a scale (all signs--via posts here--point to getting a Tanita of some sort), but then I'm worried because I KNOW I will weigh myself several times per day. I KNOW I will.

And I just don't want to be so results-oriented with this. I mean, YES, I *do* want results, ultimately, but I also know that I am getting healthier and trying to create a new LIFESTYLE and relationship with food, exercise, and my body. So, the prospect of introducing the obsessive, results-oriented process of weighing myself constantly makes me a little nervous.

Any thoughts? Advice? Hang-in-theres?

Thanks in advance!
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