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Hello and happy Monday.... Wait! It's Tuesday!!! OK, I feel better already.

Rich and I spent the weekend laying ceramic tiles on the counters and floor of the kitchen. We had a few problems (surprise surprise) and didn't get completely done. Everything still needs to be grouted but it looks pretty good if I do say so myself. And I do. Starting to look like a kitchen again!! Problem is we can't walk on the floor for a couple days so we can't get to the basement (have to go through the kitchen) and I think I left my lab coat in the laundry room down there. Now I can't go back into the labs here (coats are specially ESD coated) unless I borrow someone's lab coat. Oh well, guess I'll just have to hang around my desk and post to you guys.

Anyway, I'm sore as all heck today. But I'm still going to the gym after work. I went on Friday when I left work at 3:00 and got in an hour or so. It was nice and quiet and uncrowded there. I like it that way. No waiting for my beloved ellipical machine.

As of this morning I'm (FINALLY ) back OP. Pants are tight and scale is unfriendly so I've got to get back into counting points and drinking water and cutting out all the junk and snacking. Hope this lasts. I'm not carrying loose change anywhere near the cafeteria anymore. It keeps jumping from my pockets into the vending machines. Can't explain it!

Quick story. I called my dentist this morning to make an appointment. I explained that I hadn't been there in 5-6 years but wanted to return. She found my old records and said I couldn't come in until I'd paid the $642 in outstanding bills. Huh!?!?! Yep. Guess who! The ex! I explained the situation to her, gave her my new name, address, etc. and made her swear that old scumball wouldn't get hold of that information. How does one wrack up $642 in unpaid dental bills!?!?!? Hope he wasn't trying to bill my old insurance company!! What a loser.

I'd better go. I hear my name being mentioned in my boss's office and that can't be good. Talk to you all again soon!

Much love, Jo.
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