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Lightbulb Well, I like to read this.....

if that helps. It gives me ideas of what might be good for supper/dinner tonight.

I have posted before but I am not sure what benefit it does for me. I keep a food diary on my computer and I keep track of what I eat. I am not really sure how it would help any of you. If I lose then I know I am doing what I am supposed to be doing. If I am not, I can see it reflected in my food menu.

Your's sounds yummy Schmoodle. I made a few new things in the past four-five days.

I finally made spaghetti squash and used that instead of pasta. It really has no taste but I love the fact it is a vegetable and low calorie. Dr. A. doesn't recommend the squashs(except sparingly) because of their higher glycemic load but it didn't make me want more squash. It's really bland and not very filling on its own.

I also made four blender drinks this weekend and the whole wheat pancake recipes. All I would say is that add water to the pancake recipe. The pancakes end up being as thick as a slice of homemade bread but good otherwise. I had fun with the smoothies and no reaction. I posted one of them on here in the recipe section.

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