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Question HIIT question

I've recently started my own version of C25K. My treadmill cycles through speed, distance, time and calories to it is hard to watch for the intervals. Plus, since I am usually either engrossed in the MP3 or something on tv I don't usually watch the second hand on the clock either. I'll start my warm up around 3mph and then do the intervals at 4.5 and walking 3.3 or so. I just run until I can't run anymore, typically about 60-90 seconds. I can answer a question if one of the kids asks me something but usually no more than a few words.

I bought a heart rate monitor last week. I bought the Omron HR 100C.

I used it for the first time yesterday. I am 32 years old so that puts my max heart rate at 188. When I was running at 4.5mph I was at about 175 which is 93&#37;. Walking at 3.3mph was around 155 which is about 82%. If I drop down to 4mph I can last about 2.5 minutes but not sure of my heart rate is as I was doing that before I bought my HRM.

Here is where I am clueless. This seems high to me because when I was a member of Curves they stressed the 60-70% zone for maximum weight loss.

Anyone have any idea of what I should be aiming for?
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