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Default Very attractive that works at my gym. Bad idea to ask him out?

Alright. For the past 8-9 months or so I have been working out at my company's gym. Well, they have a guy that works the desk and stuff. I guess he isn't a "personal trainer" or anything, he just kind of takes care of the place. Well anyway, I think he is incredibly attractive. I have ever since I started working out there. We've never really talked though, besides "hi," "bye," and "have a good evening." Things like that. Well basically, I recently became single and I got the bright idea that I could actually ask him out or something if I wanted to. I found him on MySpace and he is single, and seems to be someone I would really like. I was 50 pounds heavier when I started going there, so he has seen me looking pretty nasty. Plus now even though I have lost a lot of weight, I still feel kind of squishy and untoned. He is in good shape and works at a gym so I'd imagine he likes girls to be in good shape too (I'm only guessing).

So instead of asking him out... I thought maybe I could ask him some questions about toning my arms or something simple like that, to get a conversation started. He actually seems like a pretty shy person though so I'm not sure if it would lead to much. I guess I COULD ask him to help me with weight lifting. Anyway, I don't know, I've been with the same guy for many years so I'm afraid if I ask someone new out, they will shoot me down. I don't feel attractive enough for him. LOL.

Any suggestions?

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