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Wow... the list is SO long. Many are similar to others, and I haven't read all of the responses yet, but here are some of mine that spring to mind. Not all of them relate to losing weight, but also to simply a healthier lifestyle in general.

- definitely more energy

- more capable to actually DO things

- knees are no longer sore all the time

- mentally more relaxed, as I don't have the fears related to being morbidly obese

- rarely have a headache (have a feeling these were food related)

- rarely have problems with allergies (must have been food related)

- I have fewer heart palpitations and ectopic beats

- last blood work showed almost everything was perfect. A couple of things were borderline, but doctor was not concerned about those in the least. In my doctor's words "You would be pushing to find a cholestrol reading better than that!" My reading was 2.7 (not sure how that relates to readings in the US). My blood pressure was 90/60, which the doctor said was "perfect", even though I thought it was a little on the low side. My blood sugar was also on the low end of normal, which the doctor was thrilled about. Having a family history (on both sides) of adult-onset diabetes, that is probably the best news I could get.

Generally, I would never look back after seeing the improvements in this area of my life. I actually lost weight to be healthier, and I have achieved my aim with flying colours.

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