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I wish I had a baseline doctor visit before I started, just to compare. Whenever I get a health screening, the doctor is always blown away by my stats - blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, triglycerides, etc. The last time, the doctor spent several minutes just raving about how healthy I was, that's nice to hear! I have to think my healthy, whole foods diet is mostly the cause.

You know, I hadn't really thought about the heartburn before, I did get it occasionally before (usually after very very spicy foods) and the instances have gone way down! So yay!

Another big thing for me - I can wear a skirt without having to worry about thigh chafing. Thigh chafing used to be a huge issue! I can vividly remember one warm afternoon in Vancouver, walking around trying to find an ATM since the restaurant we were going to didn't take Debit cards and being in AGONY. I could barely walk from the pain. I kept having to tuck my skirt between my legs when I walked for some relief - you know THAT was attractive. Skirts my thighs and summer - we get along now.

A big thing is energy. I am like a different person, night and day. I was a sad, depressed, heavy, slow, tired person. I used to fall asleep in my office everyday after lunch, I could barely keep my eyes open during meetings - it was so embarassing!

And confidence - wow, I smile more. I dress in cute clothes, I stand up straight. I stare at my body naked (I used to NEVER look at myself before). At the risk of being PG-13, I don't mind if my SO stares at my body naked either (hello, welcome to the fun world of sex with the lights on!!)
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