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So far so good.

B-fage 0% yogurt w/raspberries and lowfat oatmeal granola, 1 1/2 teaspoon honey, coffee w/lowfat chocolate soy milk and a dash of sugar free torani

S-breakfast was kind of late so no snack today

L-shaved turkey on sesame roll w/ roasted red pepper hummus, peppercini's and romaine, strawberries, 3/4 cup trader joe's pirate booty

S-iced tea and a kids clif bar

D-baked salmon, tomato/red pepper soup w/1 cup cauliflower and sesame crackers

Treat-1 chocolate covered macadamia nut (my parents just got back yesterday from Hawaii and they brought me a box of them!!! UGH! I'm taking the rest to work today to give to the staff )
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