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Tim~ here are some breakfast ideas I use. I like to have turkey sausage (MRC recipe), 3 oz of hard cheese with seseme melba toast snack rounds, 3 fried egg whites and low cal tortilla, pan fried tilapia coated with ground melba toast mixed with powdered hidden valley ranch dressing and Mrs. Dash garlic and herb, and of course the amazing cheese cake (MRC recipe). I also like a meal replacement bar or shake once in awhile for breakfast. I will try to post some of these breakfast recipes on the MRC recipe thread.

goal4life~ I too have transformed into a food for fuel mentality. But, I must say that Supper Solutions has brought back the zing I needed for variety. They come up with meals I never would have thought up myself. Also, topping my chicken, turkey sausage, and other meats with smoked cheeses has added a great taste to my foods. Have you gone to any cooking classed at MRC? It's a great way to do some food sampling. There is nothing wrong with making your food into tasty fuel.

angieroo~ Thanks for starting Take XI! As far as your 1 lb gain, it could have been your cold/cough medicine. I think I gained a pound after I was sick and took Nyquil, but it was worth taking for all the sleep I gained. Don't worry about it, just move on and you will see great losses in the coming weeks ahead.
Congrats on starting a great workout routine with your friend. BTW, I use Beta-Alanine to prevent muscle soreness due to weight training. When you weight train or exercise hard you break down muscle tissue and release lactic acid as a waste byproduct. This lactic acid is what causes muscle soreness. Beta-Alanine acts as a buffer to neutralize the lactic acid. But, if you are really into pain, forget I said anything FYI, I buy my Beta-Alanine at GNC.

I have a personal dilemma I would like to share here with my MRC buddies. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Recently, I've been getting a lot of "you don't need to lose anymore weight" comments. When I tell them I have over 30 more pounds to lose, they look at me like I must be developing some kind of an eating disorder. Ya know, they haven't seen me naked. This could start a head game with me. I could start to believe them, and this could sabotage my weight loss efforts if I let it. Don't get me wrong, I kinda like it when people think I'm at my goal weight already. I just happen to hold my weight well. I have told them I'm still above a 30 BMI. I've lost 35 pounds since my after picture posted on my personal profile. What should I do about this? Please help!

shineon and jant~ Where are you!!!??? Shineon, I hope your cruise didn't take you to banana split island. Jant, come back to the brite side.

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