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tiptoe, tiptoe, tiptoe....ssshhhhh

(whispering) It's soooo quiet in here.


Well, this week is just about gone. One more getup and then it's downhill from there.

For me, this week has been very stressful...trying to balance my regular job with an extra curricular job during work time here. The truth is...I am singing in a band where I work and have 2 gigs this week. For me (who suffers from acute stage fright), this is a very, very, very stressful time. The event that we are singing at tomorrow is expecting from 4000 - 6000 people.

The good part (maybe), is that I haven't had time to eat, and so far show about a 5 pound loss this week. The official WI tomorrow morning will tell the whole story.

The bad news, is that I will be away for 5 days now and hope that I am taking enough discipline to manage the temptations that I experience eating in restaurants. Wish me luck.

Judy - You are sooooo awesome. It was just a few months ago that you were struggling around the 250 mark and mentally trying to accept that you would be happy at that point. Look at you now...229. Yahoo!!! Just think, it won't be long until you are under that 200 pound mark. Way to can do it. Look at what you have done already.

Carolyn - Thank you so much for sharing the information about taps. I went to the memorial service that was held for the Canadians who were killed in Afghanistan and they gave the history about revellry, but nothing about taps. What an awesome piece of information. I didn't know that there were words to the soulful music and have already taken a copy and will keep. Thanks so much.

What a lucky person to be going to Florida for the holiday weekend. The holiday weekend in Canada was this past weekend, so I am afraid that we have had it. However, I am going to Calgary for 5 days this weekend. We wanted to go hiking in Banff on Saturday but Calgary had snow yesterday, so I am thinking that it will be quite cold in the mountains still. On the good side, there is the hot springs pool...

Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend. I probably won't be checking in until late next week unless I get a chance to report my WI tomorrow. Talk to all next week.
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