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Dontcha just luv Broad!!! I love her articulate, yet compasionate demeanor! I'd like to chime in for just a bit. Sara...I feel your pain as I own and operate 3 businesses and can totally sympathize with you "not having alot of time". I totally congratulate you on working out 6 days a week. It shows that you are "comitted" to yourself. One last thing to get in check and a few last pounds to drop...and boop!...your on your way!

Since you are working out regularly, you can have more carbs (fruits, veggies...stay away from the unrefined kind)...
Here's a sample menu for me: breakfast - protein (whey no carb) with 1 banana and 5-10 strawberries and 3/4 cup soy unsweetend milk (after 30 min cardio) and maybe a piece of leftover chicken; mid-morn snack: cheese or maybe a small serving of iceberg lettuce (in a bag-precut) and some smoked deli turkey with blue cheeze dressing (full fat...yum!), or some tuna; lunch - seafood bisque soup (pre-made earlier in the week from Linda's Low Carb Recipes) or chunky chicken soup or dinner leftovers; mid-afternoon snack - maybe, if I have time...a little leftovers, some tuna or something like that - dinner: something prepared from Linda's Low Carb Recipes

Since time is hard for me as I have a 9yr old and I'm divorced in addition to everything else, I use the weekends to prepare my food for the week. I like making Linda's Low Carb Recipes cuz its quick, easy and taste great...this way...I can pack some food and bring with me or just reach in the frig for a quick bite!

But honestly...since your goal is to lose the last 15-20 lbs...induction may not suit your active lifestyle. There is "no rule" that says you can't go straight into the OWL phase. Induction is good and necessary simply to help you break addictions (i.e., sugar, refined carbs, etc.). However, if you don't have those can still use Atkins to maximize your workouts and push you through those final tough and hard to lose pounds! As long as you continue to do at least 30 min cardio 4-5 days per my've earned that piece of fruit for heaven sake! As far as milk...try's great and low carb! Enjoy..this will be fun this time around...Joyce

BTW, I started Atkins 1/5/08 and never gave up my fruit...I've lost 2 dress sizes so far. I only started working out on my 2nd week of the diet. I've increased my water consumption to up to 1 gal/day...that's extremely important for weight loss. Hope this helps. Joyce

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Thanks Broad. I do find the time to work out 6 days a week. Maybe I just like to sleep until the last minute and dont want to get out of bed and make my omelet. Ill work on that
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