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Good evening, ladies! Nice day today - 60 degrees and sunshine.

Didn't do anything exciting - pharmacy, to the grocery to pick up Strawberries - buy one get one free. Yum! Then the bank. Take Stan to dialysis and pick him up. Usual stuff.

Dr. was happy I'd lost weight since Christmas. Took a CBC because I've been having cramps in my legs every night. May be low in magnesium. Been through that one before. Got a sample of some new allery medication so I'm ready for trees and grass to grow.

Dr. was pleased with Stan. Raised his dry weight since he has gained some. His wound is almost closed but still draining.

Faye, I cook German and Polish dishes, now for special occasions rather than often. I make Haulpki, Periogies, and sauerbrauten more than anything. Good hardy food I grew up on but it sure has a lot of calories!

Jean, just take it as an opportunity to get some new things after you get there! Enjoy the sunshine!

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