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I agree with Susan and Photochick.

There's several things you can do. Read the info on the board...don't let it confuse you that there's so much. That just means more options to consider. Ask questions, not just of the board but of yourself. Ask yourself if what you're reading sounds like something you can do. If not, look at something else. If it seems like you can do something partially but not all the way, don't dismiss it. Don't have an "all or nothing", "now or never" mentality. Remember that you are allowed to take things slowly, that you can dip your toe in the water instead of diving in and that changing your mind (switching your plan, modifying it, etc.) is allowed...the only failure is not trying.

I'm not an all or nothing person. When I started this, I began with small changes in my eating...stopping certain behaviors (going to McDonald's), modifying some (fruit or 100-calorie snack pack instead of a can of Pringles or choc chip cookies), adding some new ones (finding better food substitutes that I ended up loving), and keeping some old ones but in lesser amounts. I learned, for me, it helps when you are trying to wean yourself away from something to have a better option to replace it and that again, for me, there were still a few things I could keep, just in lesser quantity. I had been eating McDonald's fairly often. I haven't been in one in over 14 months and I don't even miss it because I really enjoy what I'm eating now. I'm not on anyone's plan but my own. I took what I needed and realized I could do from what I read and I combined it with my own tastes and habits...the plan and I sort of modified each other. As far as exercise, I could only manage about 10 minutes at a time when I started, a couple of times a day. But you know what? That was better than zero minutes! The weight started to come off and my stamina for exercise increased. Put on some music and get your body moving. Find ways to incorporate even small periods of exercise into your day and make it fun and interesting for yourself.

Consider right now to be your initial learning, researching, experimenting phase. Combine what you read with what you know about yourself and you'll come up with something. And keep it a learning/discovery process. Don't overwhelm yourself into inactivity or fear of failure. Don't look at anything as a quick fix or temporary plan. Look at it from the aspect of can I adapt to this way and can I adapt this way to me and making it something I can live with? Changes are easier to deal with when they happen slowly and gradually and you can get used to them.

You have it in you to figure it out. Learn, consider, experiment, experiment some more.

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