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Good Evening, Flowers! I'm waiting for the washer and dryer to do their thing so I can head off to bed. I had bell choir practice tonight; I didn't practice last month because I didn't play Sunday so it seemed weird to be out at night again. I can tell it is lighter earlier in the morning now as well as lighter later. Spring is on the way!

"Gma" -- The sweater and hat are so cute! I love the little dodad you put on the top! The next project sounds like it will be another beautiful one! I will be thinking of you on Monday! Maui is 4 hours (I think) difference for us so I suppose 5 from you. I can imagine how glad you will be when it is Tuesday! We are leaving Friday afternoon for Omaha and fly out around 7 AM on Saturday. Our layover in Phoenix is 3 hours unless we can get on an earlier flight by chance. At least this time we know our way to the hotel; we are renting one vehicle instead of two this time. We ended up using only one the last time so it was a waste of money to have the second one. I have been tanning so hopefully won't burn. Bob tans much quicker than I do, but I can see where my watch band is so know I have some color.

Susan -- I keep hoping an independent candidate will upset the apple cart and give the rest of the politicians a run for their money. I'm a registered Republican but never vote a straight ticket. I don't like McCain but don't think the others can catch up now. Decisions, decisions, decisions!!

Hope you have a terrific Thursday! I have much to do before Friday afternoon.

Jean -- from Iowa!
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