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Default Another TOM ?? (Sorry!)

I have a mirena IUD and I don't get TOM. (As you've already probably seen me write.) Anyway, I've been trying to figure out when it WOULD be by my weight fluctuations but I can't get a hold on it. Normally it's clear as a bell so this is confusing me.

So, I have had some light spotting on and off all day and I have MAJOR headaches. I have also been going up on the scale everyday even though I've been working out and keeping my cals in my range.

It's not THAT important but I was just wondering if (those of you who gain at this time) you gain before , if so how long before, or during TOM. How long should it stay up?

Like I said, it's not a big deal but I just wish I knew so seeing the numbers go up didn't bother me so much. I know I am already scale anal but this is just totally confusing me.

I have done some different videos and worked some different muscles and am very sore so maybe that's the gain? Do muscles hold water as they repair?

I'm not trying to freak I just have some unknowns. I know I am eating well and working out and I'm losing inches so that's all that counts but I wish the scale would match that.

I know I should put it up but I'm not going to so I just want some answers.

Thanks for your help.
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