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Question Does metabolism chase intake?

Ladies, I am so confused! My goal is to lose about 10 pounds. I have been reading a lot lately about "starvation mode" and have been getting all kinds of advice like:
  • Don't go below 1800 cals a day
  • If you eat a low calorie diet your body will switch to "storage mode" and you can actually gain fat in a calorie deficit
  • the more you diet the more you train the body to store calories as fat

I am freaked out and confused. I don't see how I am supposed to lose fat if I don't cut calories but i also don't want to set off a starvation response or "train" my body to store instead of burn. Does this make any sense? I am so sorry if I sound dumb but there is so much information out there and there are a lot of articles and people on the internet that talk about "starvation mode" and how every time you cut calories you teach your body to hold onto everything and you can never eat normally again without gaining weight. So, if anyone has any input, advice, experience, anything, I am all ears! I really want to lose some fat but I don't want to mess up my body or metabolism.

Thanks in advance!
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