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Good Evening, Flowers! I've had my catnap in front of the TV and I could easily go to bed right now. I stayed up too late last night knowing we had a two hour late start today. The sun came out this afternoon so it was a nice day; no melting though.

"Gma" -- I too am sorry about the repair bill. It's one of those things that can't be helped though. I know you are disappointed about your trip to IN. I've said it before and I'll say it again . . . the younger generation is so "I, Me, My" that it is pathetic sometimes.

Susan -- If I knew, I had forgotten that you are an only child. Sometimes I'm glad that I was and other times wished I would have had a sibling. When my dad remarried I gained two sisters and I must say that even though we don't live close, we are a lot alike in many ways. Can anyone go and vote as an individual in your primary? Here you go to group party meetings, have to register, and then decide as a group who to vote for. I don't like McCain either! I really don't want Bill Clinton back in the white house I keep telling Bob that maybe some dynamic independent will surface before long.

I'm off to fold some towels and call it a night! Have a wonderful Wednesday tomorrow!

Jean -- from Iowa!
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