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Good Afternoon, Flowers! We got out of school at 1:30 because of blowing snow in the country I guess. It wasn't bad in town, but the plows have not been out so it's a bit tricky where the snow blows off the lake onto the highway and roads. The wind is whipping it around pretty good and we are supposed to get another 4 - 6" tonight. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

"Gma" -- I'm sorry about your car problems! I wish we lived close enough to help each other out . . . I would have come to get you and waited with you! I hope that the repairs will be simple and inexpensive as car repairs go. It's too bad Jack has to use his vacation days for things like this, but it can't be helped. That is one nice thing about being self-employed as your work schedule is pretty much your own. Bob goes back to the office in the evenings, several times a week, because he can get twice as much done as during the day.

Susan -- It's nice to see you today, but I'm sorry you've had the flu. Stan must be feeling better if he can put away a big steak! We do get Monday off although it is our 4th snow make-up day if we should need it. We've only had one day to make up so far and that's added on at the end of the year.

I need to do another load of laundry, so I'm off. Have a nice evening and a terrific Tuesday tomorrow!

Jean -- in Iowa!
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