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Good morning, ladies! It's cold for Tidewater - 31 degrees at noon.

Had a touch of the flu myself so I pretty much stayed in bed Saturday between taking care of Stan. I felt better yesterday and he is finally better too - ate a 16-oz. T-Bone last night...but he needs the protein.

My friend called me and asked me to go to WW with her so we went Friday. I need to lose 11.4 pounds to get back to my goal weight. I'm really disgusted with myself. Anyhow, it always is easier when you have a friend to be accountable to. I got the monthly pass so I get E-Tools which I really like a lot.

Faye, I hope your car won't take long to fix. They sure can eat up the money quickly when they repair something. I'm surprised you haven't gotten yourself and your son and daughter webcams so you can see the grandchildren every day.

Jean, do you get next Monday off for President's Day?

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