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Wow, Boo, thanks so much for answering my post so quickly!

And no, not named after the Transvision Vamp song, but if I was that wouldn't be a bad thing

I'm a lifetime Weight Watcher actually. I lost 62lbs and kept it off for about 3 years and then my whole life took a nose dive. It wasn't pretty and what you see now is a direct result of that. My weight reflects a really bad time in my life and that's another reason why I hate being this way. Part of it was meds (Effexor) and the other part was trying to drink myself to death. I just didn't care anymore. But I care now.

So, WW is pretty much what I do, and since it's ingrained in me it's fairly easy to start over again. WHEN I plan and weigh and measure and control portions that is...

Exercise or rather finding the time for it is a huge struggle for me.

And when to start, well NOW is a good time (just made a spinach salad for lunch...); I don't want to wait any longer.

The thing about work.. well I happen to LOVE my job and the company I work for. AND...on top of that, I recently became the "Ambassador" of our office so I have some extra duties now and will start transitioning my regular job to one of my colleagues so that I'm not run completely ragged. The biggest problem is that I live more than 130km from work... and that's where things get complicated - I live with my boyfriend and we want to move closer to both of our jobs, but first we have to sell this apartment AND I have some financial issues with my ex that keep us from getting a decent mortgage. It sucks. That's why I travel to and from work 4 hours a day. So, even if I get off work at 5pm, I'm not home until 7pm.

My WW group is actually in the same town I work in. What I need to do is just *go* - leave work on time and go to the meeting. So, I'm going to look at my finances and get myself back to meetings. My gym is also in the town I work in and I need to again leave at 5pm if I'm going to get home at a decent hour (because if I leave the gym at 7pm, I'm home at 9pm). And the biggest issue there... when/how/why/what do I do for dinner???

So. There it is. More excuses but some good valid ones. At least I can start by eating right. I just tend to do really well for a while and the crash and burn and gain the weight I've lost back again. And I don't want to do that this time!!!

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