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Helllooooooooooo & Welcome back Velveteen

"Are you named after the Transvision Vamp album? Fab group!"

Anyway back to business, try not to feel is so easy to get depressed when you're overweight and it can be an awfully lonely journey when your losing weight. I too am battling on with dieting alone...all my girlfriends are skinny (that sucks ) and my O/H would like me to lose weight but still tends to munch junk food in front of me and the temptation is awful.

I have found this forum fabulous support, all the lovely folk around the world working as hard as us at either losing weight, maintaining weight or the emotional battle of getting started again. If I need to ask a question, get support or advice...I come here...everytime.

Why don't you start by deciding which diet plan you are going to follow, decide what form of exercise you want to do and finally pick a start date...get it in your diary and make that date the last time you will ever be 220 pounds and the start of a whole new you.
It won't take much effort to just plan and once you have done those things you have started on your way to becoming slimmer and even more fabulous than you already are...It maybe the starting jolt you need.

Regarding friends: you could maybe make that one of your goals for the next year, finding new friends and establishing old relationships.
Joining new clubs,a gym near where you live, night classes, local websites where they have meets may all be ways of finding new friendships.
How about a local Weightwatchers type class that willl have lots of potential friends there.
Personally if work was having such a negative effect on my weight and my life I would seek alternative employment...maybe closer to home/better hours etc.

Whatever you do...DON'T GIVE UP. We have all been in your position hundreds of time, low motivation, fed up, annoyed, a little depressed, jaded etc But you can do this.
If you can lose 1lb can lose the rest to get to your's a long journey and sometimes a frustrating one...but getting to goal is the most wonderful feeling and worth the weightloss journey 100 times over.

Good luck,

Love n hugs

Boo x
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