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Default Is it just me or is the amount of weight loss in a short time 'insane'

I still can not wrap myself around any show that promotes at least by example a 50lb weight loss in a month.

That amount of weight loss so quickly is 'insane' or at best extremely unhealthy. AND not in any way shape or form anything any one in the real world could do or should do.

Granted, obviously, extreme excess weight is not healthy. But just a simple numbers calculation a person would have to maintain over a 5,800 calorie defecit day after day for 30 days to lose 50lbs.

The show does have some good tips. And some of the cooking advice last Tuesday was not bad at all. I do also think everyone watching knows the whole 'ranch' thing is not replicable and really their job becomes losing weight.

But I guess people can lose 50lbs in a month.

Now the question becomes what is it doing to these people? I can not believe it is healthy to lose that much weight that quickly. When I lose weight I do it much more slowly but also maintain very good skin tone. No lose skin whatsoever. Beyond the appearence questions though internal health wise it would seem to me that such rapid loss would produce all kinds of problems.

Lastly, obviously, no one can keep up 50lbs a month. But will it make people who start committing and working hard on changes who lose 'only' say 5 to 10lbs the first month (a nice healthy weight loss) feel bad? I guess the only silver lining is that people on the show do say they keep weight off after and usually lose more.

Bottomline, I know 50lbs in a month is not doable in the real world. I am also pretty sure it would be pretty unhealthy as well. I just hope most viewers realize how insane a weight loss clip it is.