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The idea of summer coming is frightening to me. Don't get me wrong...I know i've lost alot of weight. But the thought of hanging out at the pool this year is almost starting to overwhelm me. I sooooo want to be in shape this year. I really want this to be the year that when i take off my shirt, there is a nice toned body underneathe.I have been dreaming of that for the past 5 years. It's only been the past 2 that i've actively been making progress to get to it. And now we only have about 4 months until "pool" time gets here and I'm just afraid i'm not going to make it. I'm not overly concerned with the number on the scale...just the flab in the suit. I make a number goal because i figure if i get down to a certain number on the scale, certainly there can't be much flab to be hanging out of my suit. True...I could get a one peice...but that's not been my dream. And it really scares me when we have days like today where it reaches 84 degrees. But as far as summer/spring clothes go....bring it on. I'm ready!! lol.
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