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Default It's winter, but I just had a summer thought!

It's winter but I just had a summer thought! It's cold here, it snowed last night and I'm going to bundle up in a sweater and jeans for the day. But my thought, spring/summer is just around the corner! It's the beginning of Feb and we all have what 3 months until we'll wear spring clothes again? In my state, with it being cold a lot of the year it's easy to hide in sweaters and heavy clothes to disguise the fat - I've perfected the blazer for work! But last summer I couldn't wear most of my clothes (harder for me as I gain in my stomach, and that is harder to hide).

Anyways my point is we have two and a half to three months until spring (what is the official first day of spring?), and a few more months until summer. How about this being the year to wear the cute clothes and hang out at pools LESS the miracle suit sucking in fat? Maybe not a bikini but just feeling healthy and in shape? I like summer, it's my favorite season, I remember fondly hanging out at beaches and throwing on shorts and a tee. So here we are in the middle of winter, but I can see SPRING/SUMMER... meaning I can visualize losing the weight, sticking with my plan and having the best spring/summer!
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