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Visualizing the Goal
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Schmoo, good luck with work this week! Tom's looking to get a contracting position when he retires in a couple years and I'm wondering how stressful it will be. One nice thing about the military is that you really have to work to get "fired" - the job security is pretty good as far as that goes. It'll be strange to transition into the "real world".

Tawnya, you're so right. We clean house a lot! This will be our ninth move in eight and a half years of marriage! (And Schmoodle, there are always still boxes left that never got unpacked every time we are packing up to move somewhere new. It really makes you evaluate what you can and can't live without. For example, I have learned this year that I really NEED a food processor! I cannot wait to get my grubby hands on that thing!)

Dawn, way to go on dropping an entire size! I'm sure you look gorgeous in your dress. Ever see that "Friends" episode where Monica and Phoebe dress up in the gowns? I love "Friends"! We leave on Wednesday, by the way. Getting on the bus bright and early at 0630!

Stephanie, nothing like a fresh new haircut to keep you on track! Good luck muddling through all the paperwork this month! Maybe you could hire Schmoodle if her contract thing doesn't work out. That would be funny - her husband would get back and they'd be halfway across the country!

Going to watch an episode of "Bones" and then hit the sack. Lots to do tomorrow!


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