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My daughter, Emma, was born on 12/5/07. We found out when she was 7 days old that she has Cystic Fibrosis. She was diagnosed through Newborn Screening. It was quite a shock. She is our first child and will be our only child.

She is a beautiful baby. She is doing great. Gaining weight and becoming more alert every day.

We have to do some things to keep her healthy, because of the CF. She has to take enzymes with every meal (bottle) to help her body digest the food. We put these in applesauce and feed it to her off of our finger before she gets a bottle. She has to get a liquid vitamin every day because her body has trouble digesting some vitamins. She also has to have 2 nebulizer treatments every day. After each treatment, we have to do some pounding on her chest and back. She does not have any lung problems, but people with CF can/do suffer from mucus build up on their lungs. So we do this as a preventative thing. To keep her from having lung problems.

Other than the things I mentioned above, she is a normal, happy, healthy little baby. I would not trade her for anything in the world!
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