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I'm on my way!
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Bayleeeee....meee too...I'm glad you are back! Let that nosey witch know that she can't stop YOU! You are important to us!

I had a busy day today. After John got back from Jersey applying for a union truck driving job I went to the hospital to apply for a job. The benefits are phenomenal....and...they have daycare on site. I just have to check out the cost! Hopefully things will work out here so keep your fingers and anything else crossed!

Then after that I went to Babies R Us and returned something and got another toilet seat lock...Andrew broke ours this morning...and these things are designed to keep the kids out huh? I also had a few bucks left from the return so I got him a short set. Then....I went grocery some great deals on paper plates and cups, napkins, baked beans, pickles and relishes. We are having a memorial day cookout on sunday the 26th. If any of you can make it...please come! You are all invited!! That would be awesome!

We cooked burgers on the grill tonight. I got the 93% fat free. And I made the sweet potato fries in the oven. I am so thristy right now! Gotta go get something to drink.

I will catch up to you all later! Well...more like tomorrow! Have a great night!

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