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Smile Thanks ladies, I appreciate that

well, I have always said that if God didn't exist I would have "invented" Him(her?)

My DH and I pray a Rosary every night after supper and before we settle down to watch tv. It helps to know that even when we can't explain why things happen, we do know that there are those who care we are going through what we are going through.

Bless you all, ladies, and have a good day. I am so hoping February is a better month than this past one has been.

I'm hoping I can "drop off" another 8 lbs by the 29th ---one extra dieting day---WOO HOO!! I just so need to get out of this loop I am in. Back and forth the same 4 lbs. Grrrr....

All the best, have a good and remaining January day
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