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Smile Happy Mother's Day

Well, I have been missing for a couple of days.
I hope everyone has had a wonderful Mother's Day.

My daughters graduation was wonderful. Nice weather and a very very nice day together. I do have to confess... I did not pig out ... but I did not stay on program either. My sister had never had a Krispy Kreme so I ate one of those. Then after dinner I ate a piece of graduation cake.
It is funny how I think... LOL.... It was a "graduation" cake so I felt I "needed" to celebrate with it. LOL. It is not that it was soooo bad ... it was the "false" belief that since it was for my daughters celebration ... it was "justified".
Then about 9pm I was starving and I ate a snack then too.

The good news is ... today for Mother's Day... I was right back on program again.
I "wanted" to eat most of the day. LOL. But I didn't.
We went out for lunch as a group ... and my husband and I shared a meal. He had eaten a large breakfast and wasn't hungry ... so I gave him half of mine and we were both satisfied.

I hope to get back tomorrow to respond to everyone. I am writing this off line and I have not read any posts since Friday.
See you all Monday.
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