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Talking My Angels (or when I am not dellusional my KIDS)

I think I like this thread.
I am the single mother of 2, one 16 year old boy and one 12 year old girl.
I love my children but lord I have come to realize why some wild animals eat their young!!!
I have worked all their lives and strived to give them what they needed and also wanted now I am looking back and thinking "when they are older are they ever going to realize what I went through to give them those Abercrombie clothes and this nice house and a car to drive???"
It is driving me nutso right now!!!! I am trying to get the 16 year old to get a job but he tells me he does not have the time and I will admit that he has alot gong on. Mainly colleges are already scouting him for scholarships to come and play collegiate soccer for them. Which means that if he is not with his trainer or at the gym he is studying for all of his honors classes. However I think he can fit some type of job in there even if it is flipping burgers for 10 hours aweek.
Then my little girl or shall I say my PRE TEEN (as she calls herself.... WHERE do they get this crap????) is the social butterfly of her school. She is also ADHD and is trying to stop taking her meds.... arghhhhhh no wonder I binge eat!!!! lol
Anyway, I would not trade either of them for the world. They teach me new things everyday and always seem to know how to put a smile on my face.
Ok well lunch time is about over to back to work for me... ohhh so exciting!!!!
Talk to you chickies later!
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