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Default Why does it help to be told?

I went to the chiropractor yesterday and she went on and on about my wieght. She said she think I look like I lost more than the 25..almost 30!...pounds I've lost. I told her I am in a funk right now and she said it's because I'm gaining muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat but it's denser. Hence the reason I'm seeing inches go bye bye but not pounds. Soon, she didn't say how soon soon was, I'll be seeing the pounds drop again because the muscles will "eat" or use the fat.

I already know this but I was feeling so good when I left there. She was telling me I need new clothes because the ones I wear are too loose to show off the new slimmer me. I have some but I don't wear them to work or I'll get them all dirty.

Then she told me she's never seen my neck in such good shape. My butt was out, just as I had thought, and I had a rib out..I knew this because I felt it INSTANTLY the other night, but all in all I was in better condition than ever. Think it's from all the water? She also brought it to my attention, because I just haven't thought about it, that I haven't had sinus problems in a LONG time. Gosh it feels good to be getting healthy!

Oh, and then when I stepped on the scale this morning, no I didn't hide it, I was 171! Cross your fingers that it holds tight or goes lower before I weigh in tomorrow. And also, think about me when I do my Biggest Loser weigh in at work today. I'm asking to do it this morning to see if it's truer to my scale when I haven't eaten and such.
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