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MY OMG moment came a few weeks ago when I was cleaning a closet. I came across a box of clothes. In it was things I wore when hubby and I were dating. It was mid/late 80's and mini skirt were in style. I had two of my favorites in there. I looked at them and thought...OMG I wore this at one time??? Then as a joke I tried in on...on my thigh. It was actually a little snug...I looked in the mirror and thought this is just so wrong!!!!

That was my moment....these are my reasons

*Because I am tired of being winded after walking up one flight of stairs

*Because I am tired of people treating me like I am STUPID sense I am overweight

* Because I need to lower my blood pressure

* Because I refuse to buy another wardrobe in a larger size

*Because I like the way I look when I am at a healthy weight

*Because I like the way I feel when I am at a healthy weight

*Because I am worth it

Notice I do not have because I want to wear my mini skirts again. I was 22 years old then. I hadn't had children. I want my goals to be realistic and attainable.
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