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Well, this is my first post on this thread. I have been lurking around for a few weeks and decided to join. I usually post on the PCOS thread but not to much going on over there.

Well, a little about me is that I have PCOS and since giving birth to my son 7 years ago I have gained around 60lbs. At first my weight did not bother me but during Christmas I took some family pictures and did not recognize myself. Another thing that did it was that for Christmas all the gifts I received that were clothes were a size 3XL, I was devestated, no one asked what my size was they just assumed I was that size. I almost cried infront of everyone, I finally understood what people saw me as. You know how you always wonder if you look as big as you feel? Well, I got my answer. People see me as very fat!!! So my husband and I decided to take the better road and get healthy. Since I was diagnosed with PCOS I knew that the low carb diet was for me. I did it a few years ago and lost 40lbs. So I finally realized that the low carb way of eating is going to have to be my lifestyle and not just a diet. So far so good. A few set backs on the weekends but nothing major. I work out daily and try to eat as little carbs as possible.

Sorry, for the long intro. I hope I am welcomed you guys are full of info and encouragement.
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