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I'm losing weight because I want to dance! And do other fun active things!

Although I could have in theory done those things before losing weight, I couldn't have done them to the extent that I would have liked to. I want to be able to move quickly and at 381 lbs, that wasn't going to happen. The reason why I listed dancing first though is because it had always been a dream of mine to be a really good dancer. I *loved* dance class when I was younger and when I was 8 and taking some classes at the recreation center, I decided to ask my dance instructor about joining a dance studio that competed so that I could be a more serious dancer. I went on and on and on about it on one of our free days (after our recital that year) to my dance teacher and when my mom came to pick me up, the dance instructor pulled her over to the side and spoke to her. She basically told my mom (in the nicest way possible, although not really communicated here) that although I was one of the best dancers in the class, I was too fat to compete and that she didn't want for me to go to one of those dance studios and have my dreams crushed. My mom told me what she had said later and I never took another dance class, with the exception of my required PE class in high school. I was HEARTBROKEN. I wasn't even that fat... I was chubby, yes, and by dancer standards I guess you could say I was, but still... it always stuck in my mind as one of those dreams I had that I never pursued. So that's one of my big big goals for losing weight.

I'm also doing it for my health, but considering the fact that I'm only a month shy of 20, I haven't come across any major health problems yet that my weight has caused me. So, although I know it is a preventative measure, that's not something that is "real" enough to scare me into losing weight.

Oh, and I'd love to wear cute clothes and be able to shop anywhere I want, so long as it's not a plus sized store .

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