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WOW Tina you are doing awesome!!!! I am proud of you!!!!

I had been missing your medical status updates, 2Cute . It has been a few days without you doing or having something done to your body!!!! Have you healed up from the accident? How about hubby?

It's raining here and now they say 6 inches of snow for northern Minnesota....we might get lucky here.

I do feel bummed about my garden. I DON'T HAVE ONE!!!!! At the rate the weather is going anything I plant now won't have time to grow before we have winter.

I have nothing to report diet or weight loss wise....I have to pick a plan....and then do it of course. So, any advise?

I did mow Monday and all this rain should make my grass grow so I can mow again. Hmmmm mowing exercise....maybe I could write a book.

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