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Okay good ness, now here's my opinion on this....olive oil is healthy, and Dani did not pour in a ton of it. I think that is a wonderful touch to add healthy fats to a meal without making them, well, fattening. If my meals get too low in fat, I plateau. She also uses light and dark meat yes, whereas I use extra lean meat (the kind that has no skin). Letting the ball just gets it a little brown and no that is not frying like the typical way of frying, and yes tweak around and play with it and make it yours; that is the fun in cooking I think adding the olive oil balanced out the healthy fats in the meal, bringing it into the mid 20's, which is perfect cause it's not too low and not too high (over 30% yeesh!!!). I just let it get a little brown on both sides, then finish it in the oven on a baking sheet. My family loved it, especially with my own twist of adding pico de gallo I also added some ground flaxseed meal to mine.....before she did hahaha. I used brown rice whole grain instead of the other. You'll find that Dani Spies is healthy cooking, and also very fun to play with and make your own. I highly recommend her other recipes as well.

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